Graeme Dargie - Club President for Rotary Year 2017/2018 Thanks   for   taking   the   time   to   visit   our   website.   If   you   scroll   down   the pages,   you   will   get   a   good   sense   of   what   we   as   a   club   are   about.   As Rotarians,   our   first   priority   is   to   help   others,   starting   in   our   local community.    That    is    why    I    have    chosen    Home-Start    Royston    and South   Cambs   as   my   nominated   charity   for   the   year.   Home-Start   does great   work   supporting   families   in   need,   mainly   in   Royston,   and   the club   is   delighted   to   be   able   to   support   the   organisation   financially through    our    fund-raising    efforts.        As    in    recent    years,    we    are continuing    our    close    collaboration    with    local    schools    to    provide opportunities   for   pupils   of   all   ages   to   practise   their   skills   and   have   fun   by   participating   in events   such   as   Schools   Make   Music,   Youth   Speaks   and   the   Technology   Tournament.   And   we are   looking   to   see   what   more   we   can   do   to   for   the   elderly   in   our   community   who   need   help, for   example   by   seeking   to   establish   a   memory   cafe   in   the   town   and   seeing   what   we   can   do   to help alleviate loneliness. While   much   of   our   focus   is   on   the   local   community,   there   is   also   an   international   dimension to   our   work.   We   are   continuing   this   year   to   support   an   African-based   charity   working   to alleviate   poverty   in   South   Africa.      Through   our   participation   in   the   Lend-with-Care   scheme, we   also   provide   finance   to   small   businesses   in   Africa   and   other   developing   countries,   helping those   businesses   to   grow   and   sustain   families   and   employment.   We   also   join   with   other Rotary   clubs   around   the   world   in   a   global   effort   to   eradicate   polio,   a   goal   that   is   within   reach but not yet achieved. Worthy   endeavours,   yes,   but   we   also   seek   to   have   fun   and   to   foster   friendship   amongst   our members   through   our   weekly   meetings   and   numerous   social   events.      So   If   you   are   interested in joining us, then please contact the club by clicking here.
Club of Royston,Herts, UK
President: Graeme Dargie
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