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Club of Royston
President: Martin Berry
First Prize: £500 cash Second Prize: Apple iPad Runners Up Prizes: 10 x £10 Book Tokens
Royston Virtual Balloon Race - 14th September Raising Funds For…..
* Prizes may sometimes vary without notice from those specified. See all Terms and Conditions here.
The   balloons   aren’t   real,   of   course   but   you’ll   still   be   able   to   follow   them   on   Google   Earth   as   they   set   off   and   respond   to   the   actual   wind and temperature at their current location. You   can   buy   your   virtual   balloon   for   only   £3   each   and   you   can   purchase   as   many   of   them   as   you   like.     Once   bought   you   can   decorate your balloons by deciding on its shape and the colour of it. You can also decide on its thickness and its helium content. This   is   a   national   event   with   a   number   of   different   charities   involved.     The   race   will   start   on   14th   September   2020   and   will   last   for   seven days. The owners of the balloons which travel the furthest will win prizes * These are as follows
Also, if we can sell enough balloons (over 500) the winner from the Royston area will receive an additional £50.
This   is   a   new   event   to   have   some   fun   with   balloon   racing   but   in   an   eco   friendly   and   responsible   way,   and   at   the   same   time   raise desperately   needed   funds   for   Home-Start.   Have   a   look   at   the   video   below   to   give   you   an   idea   of   what   a   virtual   balloon   race   is   all   about   and what fun it is..
To purchase balloons or to activate codes…..