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Club of Royston,Herts, UK
President: Graeme Dargie
Rotary   members   are   enthusiastic,   fun-loving and    active    volunteers    who    give    their    time and    talents    to    serve    communities    both    at home    and    overseas.        We    are    dedicated people,      both      men      and      women      from business     and     professions,     who     share     a common interest in helping others. We're   looking   for   more   men   and   women   of all   ages   and   backgrounds   to   join   our   club,   to use    their    time,    talents,    professional    skills and   energy   to   improving   the   lives   of   people in   the   local   communities   and   others   around the   world.      And,   in   the   process,   you   can   enjoy   the   benefits   of   business   networking,   personal   development,   meeting   new   friends, hearing   inspiring   speakers,   having   a   great   deal   of   fun   and   experiencing   that   special   sense   of   fulfilment   that   comes   from   achieving something really worthwhile. DO PLEASE CONTACT US BY CLICKING HERE

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