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Chairman Brian Whittaker

“We   seek   to   encourage   our   young   students   to   meet   fresh   challenges   and   to   perform at their very best”   Youth   Speaks.   We   continue   to   be   very   impressed   with   the   confidence   of   many   of   the   pupils   in   years   4   –   8,   who   having   devoted   a significant   amount   of   time   researching   and   ordering   their   chosen   subjects   before   presenting   their   thoughts   in   an   imaginative   and   colourful way before their peers, parents and teachers.   Technology   Tournament.   Senior   students   from   our   four   middle   and   two   upper   schools   enthusiastically   meet   the   challenge,   determined by   Rotary   International   in   Great   Britain   and   Ireland,   to   produce   impressive   solutions   to   the   Foundation   or   Advanced   designs.   Working   in teams   of   four,   they   first   give   thought   planning   and   drafting   a   portfolio   before   taking   on   the   technical   construction.   Clearly   at   the   end   of   the day, the 120 youngsters are so excited by their achievements.   Youth Makes Music Concert This proves to be an excellent opportunity for the young people from the Royston area.  Eight first schools, two middle schools and one upper school enchant their peers, parents  and Rotarians with the product of hours of practice, both choral and instrumental, under the guidance and encouragement of a team of talented music teachers and tutors. The programme is varied and truly entertaining concluding with a finale of 250 young people performing a delightful piece of work.  We have to say many a tear is shed by the audience.  This is usually held in the University of Cambridge’s magnficent concert hall in West Road, Cambridge.  You can view pictures of the 2017 concert here.   Mock Interviews Our Rotarians have always responded enthusiastically to the invitation from Meridian Upper School to give 40 – 50 senior students practice in facing a one – to – one interviews.  I hope that we can provide a similar service during the Rotary year 2017/2018   Rotary Youth Leaders Award (RYLA) Each September 40 – 50 young men and women aged 18 -25 are offered the opportunity to develop management skills on a seven day residential course at Grafham Water. It is fascinating as one sees these young persons mature having met enthusiastically challenges in solving business  games, public speaking, team dynamics and experiencing challenging expeditions and their personal skills – climbing, canoeing, sailing.  This is an excellent course for aspiring company managers. Contact Rtn. Ken Charles .                                             Rotary   ‘Kids   Out’   We   host   a   one   day   experience   for   disabled   and   disadvantaged   young   people   –   visiting   Wimpole   Hall   Farm,   bouncy   castle, viewing puppet show, making and flying Kites and riding on model railway.  
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