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President: Martin Berry
Royston Virtual Balloon Race - 14th September Raising Funds For…..
The   balloons   weren’t   real,   of   course   but   you   can   still   follow   them   on   Google   Earth   as   the   race   proceeds.     The   race   ends   after   seven   days
at   midday   20th   September.     When   last   seen,   the   main   group   of   balloons   were   headed   off   to   the   north   west   of   Moscow   in   the   direction   of
Estonia, but a smaller group decided to go south east in the direction of Kazakhstan!
If   you’ve   purchased   any   balloons   and   want   to   see   where   they   are   then   your   best   way   to   achive   this   is   to   click   here   and   log   in   to   your
account,   then   click   on   the   View/Decorate/Track   button   and   this   will   take   you   to   a   page   where   all   your   balloons   are   shown   on   the   left
hand   side   -   now   click   on   any   of   these   and   you   will   see   where   your   balloon   is   at   that   instant,   together   with   a   convenient   red   line   showing
its track from the launch point in Moscow.
If you want to view the race (without logging in) to see the leader board and the position of all the balloons click here.
This   has   been   a   new   event   for   the   club   and   the   balloons   have   already   been   launched   from   Red   Square,   Moscow   on   14th   September   at
12:00   BST.     Although   this   is   a   national   event   we   sold   over   1,000   balloons   from   the   Royston   area,   slightly   exceeding   our   target.     You   can   see
in the video below the launch of some of the balloons.