15th October 2023 - Annual Swimathon
The Rotary Club of Royston held its annual Swimathon at the Royston Leisure Centre this evening. This event allows teams of swimmers to cover the maximum number of length of the pool within 50 minutes, only one member of each team being in the water at any one time. There was not lower or upper age limit to participants. This was a most entertaining event with a great deal of cheering and encouragement from the other team members as they urged their teams on. There were two full swimming sessions with a total of nine teams, some with as few as four swimmers but others (mainly the younger ones) with as many as nine. A total of 946 lengths of the pool were accomplished by 51 swimmers. It was most encouraging to see that a total of four teams was entered by King James Academy, ably marshalled by two of their staff members. The purpose of the event is for the swimmers to obtain sponsorship for their efforts, either as a fixed amount or at a rate for the number of laps completed. Half of the money raised will go to the swimmer’s nominated charity e.g. school funds, and the other half will go to the charity “Carers in Hertfordshire”. It’s too early to say how much money has been raised by the event The Rotary club members provided the scorekeepers and reception staff for the event whilst Rotarian David Easthope was the MC. The event itself was organised by Rotarians Jean Green and Howard Peacock. Photos courtesy of Neil and Tony. To see all of the photos please click here. N.B. for both modesty and child protection reasons team photos are not being published.
President: Phillip Martin
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