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Club of Royston
President: Peter Mitton
Rotary Young Citizen Awards Remarkable   young   people   will   again   be   recognised   with   Rotary   Young   Citizen   Awards   in   2022   and   it’s   time   now   to nominate outstanding young role models, either an individual or a group, in your community. The   Rotary   Young   Citizen   Awards   recognise   young   people,   under   the   age   of   25,   who   have   demonstrated   their commitment   to   citizenship,   goodwill   and   understanding   through   various   activities   and   are   helping   to   make   a positive difference to others. The   awards   can   be   for   individuals   or   groups,   for   projects   and   initiatives   that   showcase   good   citizenship   and   the important responsibilities assumed by young people. Rotary Young Citizen Peacemaker Award We   are   delighted   to   offer   the   Rotary   Young   Citizen   Peacemaker   Award,   reflecting   Rotary’s   area   of   focus   on   Peace and    Conflict    Prevention/Resolution,    to    recognise    young    people,    aged    under    25,    who    have    made    a    significant contribution   by   building   peace   and   understanding,   whether   in   their   school,   local   community   or   with   a   peace   project internationally. Rotary Young Citizen Sporting Hero Award We   also   invite   nominations   for   the   Rotary   Young   Citizen   Sporting   Hero   Award   2022   to   recognise   and   highlight   the achievements   and   contribution,   as   a   positive   role   model   to   others,   of   a   sports   participant   or   a   group,   or   an individual or group who is enabling others to participate in sport. The criteria for these awards are: Nominated   young   persons,   either   individually   or   as   part   of   a   group   and   under   25   years   of   age,   must   include   one   or more of the following: Must   have   made   a   positive   social   impact   on   a   community   through   action,   and   be   a   positive   role   model   for others. Must be able to demonstrate the importance of sport in transforming their life and/or other lives. Sports   participant(s)   nominated   must   have   shown   a   determination,   dedication   and   commitment   in   their chosen sport(s). Entries must be submitted by Monday 14th February 2022 If   you   have   any   queries   or   know   of   any   young   person   you   feel   might   be   deserving   of   a   Young   Citizen   Award,   please get in touch with Derek Pinner at youngcitizen@roystonrotary.com .
Club Organiser: Derek Pinner