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Club of Royston
President: Stephen Higginbotham
Introduction The   Young   Photographer   Competition   is   a   well-established and    successful    competition    organised    and    promoted    by Rotary       International       in       Great       Britain       and       Ireland (RotaryGB&I). There   are   three   stages   to   the   competition,   each   designed   to support    and    encourage    the    development    of    photographic skills. Some stages may have more than one round. Aims and Objectives The competition aims to encourage young people to: experiment with photography use digital and/or traditional methods of photography demonstrate interpretation of the topic express ideas through the medium of photography Who can take part? The   competition   is   open   to   all   schools   and   college   communities   and   those   who   are   home   educated,   along   with   any   other   young peoples’ community organisations, for example, community RotaKids, community Interact, Scout Groups, Girl Guides. There are three age groups: Junior: 7 to 10 years old Intermediate: 11 to 13 years old Senior: 14 to 17 years old Entrants must not be over the upper age parameter for each group on 31 August 2021. With   the   age   qualifying   date   of   31st   August   2021,   it   should   be   noted   that   some   junior   entrants   may   be   11,   intermediate   entrants may   be   14   and   some   senior   entrants   may   be   18   at   the   time   of   some   or   all   the   stage   competitions   i.e.   a   competitor   who   may   be   17 on 31st August but turns 18 on 1st September is allowed to enter.Competitors must include their age on the application form. Students should enter the competition organised by the local Rotary club through their respective group, as detailed above. Competitors,   schools,   colleges,   and   organisations   may   participate   in   a   competition   held   in   a   Rotary   club/district   outside   of   their geographical boundary but may compete in only one club/district event. Entries must be received by the 14th January 2022 Downloads (all in pdf form) Information Pack Consent Form Entry Form (Send completed forms or queries to Graeme at youngphotographer@roystonrotary.com )

Local Organiser Graeme Dargie