International Projects  Committee -

Chairman David Blundell

Disaster Fund: At   the   start   of   each   year   we   earmark   £500   to   enable   us   to   make   immediate   response   to   any   International   disaster.   Further   funds   can   be raised   at   any   time,   should   it   be   necessary.      Some   of   the   specific   charities   or   projects   we   hope   to   support   during   the   Rotary   year   2017/2018 are as follows:- Embocraft/Phakama community project, Kwa/Zulu Natal. The   project   is   designed   to   empower   the   people   of   an   area   devastated   by poverty.   It   is   based   close   to   the   Inanda   Dam   where   the   population   of 25,000   is   exclusively   Zulu-speaking,   with   88%   considered   poor.   HIV/AIDS is   endemic.   Embocraft   conducts   skills   training   to   develop   products   which can   both   benefit   households   and      generate   income.   Those   taking   part learn   to   sew   both   for   themselves   and   their   community.   The   project   is actively   supported   by   the   local   Hillcrest   Rotary   Club   and   donated   funds from    Royston    have    already    been    used    to    purchase    industrial    electric sewing   machines.   Rotarians   in   Hillcrest   have   been   actively   involved   in Phakama   since   inception,   as   has   a   representative   from   Royston   Rotary Club   (David   Blundell).      Our   District   1080      agreed   a   grant   of   £500   towards this   project   and   we   were   runners   up   for   the   John   Grant   Trophy,   which   is awarded   each   year   in   1080   to   the   Club   which   achieves   the   best   and   most effective international service project. Our   efforts   in   Kwa/Zulu   were   recorded   by   the   local   Royston   Crow   newspaper   with   a   half-page   feature   in   May   2017,   under   the   headline Royston Rotarians raise cash to help poor communities in South Africa .   Lend With Care: This   organisation   provides   micro-financing   to   entrepreneurs   in   underdeveloped   countries,   allowing   them   to   become   self-sufficient..   We have   invested   in   over   fifty   entrepreneurs   via   Lend   With   Care   during   the   last   five   years   and   will   continue   to   do   so.      Why   not   have   a   look   at some of the entrepeneurs our Club has helped via the Lend With Care organisation Mercy ships:   In   recent   years   the   Mercy   Ships    fleet   have   visited   hundreds   of   ports   bringing   lasting   change   to   millions   of   lives.      The   organisation   is committed   to      increasing   access   to   health   care   throughout   the   world,   serving   the   poor   regardless   of   race.   Its   ship,      the   Africa   Mercy,   is   the world’s   largest   charitable   floating   hospital   with   five   state-of-the-art   operating   theatres.   We   have   had   a   presentation   by   a   representative   of Mercy Ships during the past year and have made a financial donation to the organisation. Charity Curry Night We   hope   to   continue   the   very   successful   Charity   Curry   Night   to   raise   money   to   supply   clean   water   in   disaster   areas   through   the   use   of LifeStraws or similar equipment.
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