Club of Royston
President: Derek Pinner

Organiser Neil Guttridge

Royston     Community     Breakfast     is     a     Royston     Rotary     Club     initiative     which     seeks     to     bring     together     all     those     who     are     involved     in   the     local     community     in     a     professional,     charitable     or     voluntary     capacity.   The     aim     is     for     those     running   community       groups       to       build     relationships, offer and gain mutual support, share useful contacts and learn from each other’s experience. We     meet     every     second     Friday     of     the     month     at     the     Old     Bull     Hotel     Royston     at     7.30     am.   There     is     a     choice     of     continental     (£5.95)   or     cooked   breakfast     (£8.95).     Those   attending     are     required     to     book     through     an     eMail     to     so     we   can advise the Old Bull Hotel of numbers. The   format   is   an   informal   chat   beforehand   over   coffee   or   tea,   then   breakfast,   usually   followed   by   a   speaker   and   then   an   open   forum   when anyone   can   report   the   plans   and   events   of   their   organisation.   We   usually   finish   at   about   9.00   am   although   some   have   to   leave   earlier   for work. Individual chats before and afterwards is when offers and ideas are shared. If you have any questions about the format etc. please contact us at
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