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Club of Royston
President: Martin Berry
The    Royston    Rotary    Club    is    very    fortunate    to    have    the    benefit    of    a
magazine   The   Rotarian,   which   is   distributed   monthly   to   all   Club   members,
widows   of   past   members   and   to   the   district   governor.       Containing   up   to   20
pages    of    news    and    articles    of    interest    to    the    Club    it    is    always    eagerly
awaited    by    all    members.       The    Club    President    is    traditionally    a    regular
contributor to the magazine.
The   Rotarian   has   been   produced   since   1998   and   is   now   in   excess   of   20
volume.     It   is   meticulously   edited   and   assembled   by   Di   Charles   but   relies
heavily upon members contributing articles, news, jokes etc.
In   both   2004   and   2010   the   Royston   Rotarian   magazine   won   the   ‘Best   in
District’   award   and   In   2019   enabled   the   club   to   win   the   “Best   PR   Campaign”
award in Rotary District 1260.
For   much   of   2020   we   have   produced   an   electronic   version   of   the   Rotarian
so that it can be distributed to members at zero printing and postage cost.
The Royston Rotarian Magazine - Editor Di Charles