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Club of Royston
President: Peter Mitton
Sports and Social  Committee - Chairman Ray Munden
The   social   programme   in   the   second   half   of   the   previous   Rotary   year   started   to   get   us   back   to   normal   as   the   Covid pandemic wound down somewhat. It   is   intended   to   build   on   this   and   have   a   full   programme   this   year   with   some   events   (the   Car   Treasure   Hunt,   a legacy   from   the   outgoing   committee,   and   a   return   to   the   Thursford   Christmas   Spectacular)   already   organised   and others   making   progress.     It   is   intended   to   also   have   some   in-house   events   taking   advantage   of   the   hospitality   of Rotarians with their premises, so some of those rusty skills at games may need to be sharpened up