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Club of Royston
President: Stephen Higginbotham
Sports and Social  Committee - Chairman Phillip Martin
The   ‘’missing   ‘’   year   of   2020/21   has   shown   us   the   importance   of   an   active   social   element   to   the   well-being   of   our Club   –   so,   with   this   in   mind,   we   are   resuming,   where   possible,   a   social   programme   for   our   members   that   rekindles the spirit of friendly fellowship. As   life   returns   to   ‘’normal’’   we   intend   to   be   out   and   about   with   visits   both   to   cultural   and   informative   venues   such as   P   A   Wood   at   Dunmow   to   view   vintage   Rollers,   The   Museum   of   Armed   Policing   at   Chatteris   to   see   how   policing has evolved over time, and to London for a concert, play or show, and maybe a Day At The Races. Our   social   get-togethers   should   resume   with   alfresco   ‘’sporty’’   gatherings   and   house   parties,   and   liaison   with   our other committees will hopefully produce a social diary to suit most tastes during the coming year.