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Club of Royston
President: Peter Mitton
Youth Activities Committee - Chairman Jonathan Berks
Youth Activities Committee Working   with   local   schools   and   other   organisations,   Royston   Rotary   seeks   to   provide   a   range   of   opportunities   to   help   young   people develop   their   skills   and   to   recognise   their   achievements.   Our   main   activities   are   set   out   below.   It   is   our   hope   that   we   may   run   a   full programme of events this year subject, of course, to complying with whatever Covid restrictions remain in place. Youth Speaks In   mid-November   2021,   we   plan   to   promote   our   24th   Youth   Speaks   featuring   8   first   schools   and   students   from   years   5-8in   Royston   and Buntingford.   In   this   event,   students   prepare   and   present   a   talk   on   a   chosen   subject   to   their   parents,   teachers   and   Rotarians.   It   provides them an opportunity to practise their presentation skills in front of an audience and build confidence in their communication abilities. Technology Tournament The   first   Wednesday   in   February   2022   will   see   up   to   100   students   from   local   schools   come   together   for   the   Technology   Tournament. This   event   gives   our   young   people   the   chance   to   work   in   teams   and   improve   their   communication   skills   while   encouraging   them   to   see Design and Technology as both interesting and challenging. Youth Makes Music Youth   Makes   Music   is   the   largest   of   the   events   Rotary   organises   for   young   people.   A   lot   of   hard   work   is   done   by   the   music   teachers beforehand   in   selecting   and   rehearsing   the   music   their   students   will   play   leading   up   to   the   concert   itself   in   March   2022,   held   at   the impressive   Saffron   Hall.   In   previous   years,   some   200   students   have   taken   part,   performing   in   front   of   a   capacity   audience   made   up   of teachers,   family   members,   Rotarians   and   invited   guests.   This   is   a   great   opportunity   for   young   musicians   to   perform   in   front   of   a   big audience at a prestigious venue and to demonstrate the full range of musical talent that exists in Royston’s schools. Kids Out Planned   for   June   2022,   this   is   a   day   out   for   disadvantaged   children   at   Wimpole   Hall.   These   youngsters   visit   the   rare   breeds   farm,   ride the   mini   railwayand   enjoy   a   range   of   activities   including   a   bouncy   castle,   face   painting,   kite   flying   and   a   picnic.   Based   on   previous   years, we expect around 150 youngsters from the local area to enjoy a day of fun. Other Activities Working   with   Creative   Royston,   we   plan   to   sponsor   and   organise   this   year’s   creative   writing   competition   as   part   of   the   Royston   Festival. Building   on   the   success   of   our   first   forays   into   these   events   earlier   this   year,   we   intend   to   run   another   Young   Photographer   competition and   Young   Citizen   award   in   2022.   We   were   very   impressed   by   the   talent   and   enthusiasm   of   the   young   people   taking   part   in   these   events and   would   hope   they   can   become   a   regular   feature   of   our   programme   in   future   years.   And   we   have   already   selected   a   candidate   for   the Rotary Youth Leadership Award scheduled to take place in June 2022. Further details of all these events will be posted on this web-site nearer the time of their taking place. If you would like to know more in the meantime, please contact us here .