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Club of Royston
President: Stephen Higginbotham
Memory Cafe - Leader David Izod
With   ageing   demographics   in   the   developed   world,   there   is   an   increasing   number   of   people   with   memory   difficulties   and   greater pressure   on   their   carers.   What   is   needed   is   welcoming   support   and   respite   to   both,   within   our   community,   understanding   of their difficulties. The   concept   of   a   Memory   Café   has been   around   since   the   late   1990’s and     has     developed     in     Europe, Australia   and   the   USA.   It   provides   a place    where    any    member    of    the public,    who    feel    that    they,    or    a person   they   know,   and   may   have   a short-term    memory    problem,    can drop    in    without    any    appointment and   talk   to   a   volunteer.   We   aim   to provide   strong   levels   of   stimulation for   our   guests   and   an   opportunity for   carers   to   exchange   experiences and     information.     We     encourage peer   interaction   and   social   contact with   fun,   games,   singing,   current   topics   of   interest   so   that   friendships   can   develop.   This   informal   setting   provides   emotional support and also reduces the isolation felt by people with dementia, their carers and families. We   are   committed   to   achieving   the   best   quality   of   life   for   our   guests.   We   want   to   enable   people   with   dementia   to   maintain   the maximum   possible   level   of   independence   to   remain   in   their   home   environment.     Just   as   importantly   we   try   to   provide   help   and comfort to their carers. Typically   we   will   have   tea,   coffee,   biscuits   and   a   chat   followed   by   something   of   interest   such   as   Lotto,   songs   from   the   musicals, reminiscence   boxes,   poems,   flower   arranging,   arts   and   crafts.   We   have   been   entertained   by   the   Hand   Bell   Ringers,   the   U3A Ukulele   Band,   Wimpole   Home   Farm.   and   visits   from   Spider   the   Caring   Dog.   We   are   grateful   for   support   from   the   local   community and Tesco who have provided time, money and resources to the Cafe.
Sadly, we can’t meet again until the Covid-19 crisis eases.  But we’ll be back as soon as we can.