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Welcome to Royston Rotary Club.

We   are   a   lively   group   of   men   and   women   from   a   variety   of   backgrounds who    enjoy    the    opportunity    to    meet    socially,    participate    in    the    local community and contribute to international fund-raising. In   normal   times,   members   meet   at   Royston   Golf   Club   to   enjoy   a   meal   and   a   glass   or   two   and discuss   club   business   or   welcome   an   outside   speaker.     During   the   past   year,   we   have   continued meeting   using   video   links,   which   has   kept   us   connected   and   enabled   some   limited   fund   raising activities.     At   the   beginning   of   my   presidency,   with   the   gradual   lifting   of   restrictions   we   have begun   to   organize   some   small-scale   face   to   face   events   but   eagerly   look   forward   to   returning   to our full calendar of events. At   a   local   level,   Royston   Rotary   are   enthusiastic   contributors   to   the   local   community   with   both financial   support   and   through   community   activities.   This   year   will   be   the   60th   anniversary   of   the club’s   charitable   efforts   and   in   the   past   five   years,   we   have   raised   close   to   £85,000   most   of   which has been directed towards local good causes. The   pandemic   has   affected   many   lives   and   mental   health   issues   have   risen   dramatically   during this   challenging   time.     As   president   I   have   therefore   chosen   the   Hertfordshire   Mind   Network   as my   special   charity   for   the   club   to   support   this   year.   This   charity   delivers   vital   mental   health support to our local community and we look forward to supporting their efforts. In   normal   times   we   are   involved   in   activities   with   a   number   of   local   schools   through   Youth Speaks,    Youth    Makes    Music,    a    Technology    Tournament    and    a    recent    Young    Photographer competition.   At   the   other   end   of   the   age   range,   we   support   those   with   dementia   through   our Memory   Café .   An   annual   Swimathon   is   held   at   Royston   Leisure   centre   to   raise   money   for   local charities and during the pandemic, we supported the Royston Food Bank. Like    many    organisations,    the    pandemic    has    impacted    greatly    on    our    activities    and    due    to uncertainty   about   the   easing   of   covid   restriction   we   have,   after   a   great   deal   of   debate,   decided that   the   Kite   Festival ,   our   largest   annual   event,   will   have   to   be   cancelled   for   a   second   year.   This   is a   great   disappointment   to   the   club   and   the   town   but   we   look   forward   to   a   bigger   and   better   Kite Festival in 2022 Royston   Rotary   are   proud   to   contribute   to   Rotary   International   which   is   one   of   the   world’s   largest and    most    successful    humanitarian    organisations    providing    educational    and    health    support across   the   globe.   In   recent   years,   Rotary   has   been   a   major   participant   in   the   End   Polio   campaign and when disaster strikes, Rotary are often amongst the first responders. I   joined   Royston   Rotary   club   just   six   years   ago   when   we   moved   to   the   town   and   was   impressed by   the   warm   welcome   my   wife   and   I   received.   We   have   made   many   good   friends   through   the club   and   enjoyed     taking   part   in   a   wide   variety   of   activities   (the   dining   club,   the   walking   group, quiz   nights   and   outings).   The   fund   raising   events   have   been   very   enjoyable   and   collecting   for Children   in   Need   in   a   Pudsey   outfit   was   definitely   an   experience!   So   if   you’ve   recently   moved   to the   area   or   if   you’re   a   Roystonian   born   and   bred,   please   delve   into   the   club   website   to   find   out more   information   and   how   to   join   us   (joining   Rotary   here).   If   you   would   prefer   to   contact   me directly   with   a   view   to   joining   us,   working   with   us,   or   asking   for   support   please   email   me   at Stephen Higginbotham President Rotary Club of Royston 2021-2022

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Visit to Lndon Transport

Museum - 1st Feb.

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20th to 22nd May

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