Martin Berry - Club President for Rotary Years 2019/2021

Club of Royston
President: Martin Berry
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Hello,   and   welcome   to   our   website.   Thank   you   for   visiting.   We   work
hard   to   keep   this   site   up   to   date   and   interesting,   so   I   hope   you
enjoy your visit and you find what you are looking for.
I   am   delighted   to   be   part   of   a   healthy,   vibrant,   friendly,   active   and
diverse    club    of    local    men    and    women.    Our    club    has    been
supporting   the   Royston   community   for   nearly   sixty   years.   We   raise
money   -   nearly   £85,000   in   the   last   five   years   –   mostly   for   local
causes,   but   also   on   behalf   of   national   &   international   charities.   We
also   organise   a   range   of   events   for   local   people,   for   example:   the   Royston   Kite   Festival;
various   youth   activities   (Youth   Speaks,   Youth   Makes   Music   and   the   Technology   Tournament);
a   Memory   Café;   the   Royston   Swimathon   and   Historic   Vehicle   Shows.   We   also   raise   money   for
Children    in    Need;    we    help    Santa    Claus    at    Christmas;    we    foster    international    relations
through our association with a Rotary Club in France and much more.
The   Corvid-19   pandemic   has   forced   us   to   cancel   or   defer   some   of   our   activities   this   year.
Most   regrettably,   we   have   had   to   cancel   this   year’s   Kite   Festival   and   Youth   Makes   Music.   But
Coronavirus    hasn’t    stopped    us    meeting    regularly    (by    videoconference)    or    continuing    to
support   our   local   community   –   by,   for   example,   raising   money   for   the   Meldreth   Coronavirus
Community Scheme and donating much needed funds to the Royston Food Bank.
In   addition   to   our   good   works   we   also   enjoy   a   very   active   social   life   with   exchange   visits   to
France;   weekend’s   away   in   the   UK   and   Europe;   monthly   walks   and   walking   weekends;   dinner
parties;   quizzes;   theatre   trips;   cultural   visits   and   lots,   lots   more.   Look   back   at   our   historical
scrapbooks   to   see   the   full   range   of   our   social   activities.   If   you   would   like   to   know   more   about
club   –   with   a   view   to   joining   us,   working   with   us   or   asking   for   our   support   –   please   email   me
at . You can also see more about j oining Rotary here .
I look forward to hearing from you
Martin Berry
Rotary Club of Royston

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